Château d'Entre-Deux-Monts is located in Burgundy, in the Côte d'Or department, on the road to the great wines of the Côte de Nuits. Listed as a Historic Monument, the 17th century residence and its park, refurbished in the 19th century, stand in the middle of the fields. This site has always been occupied since ancient times, probably because of the presence of water and perhaps also because of a safer situation than in the plain.

In the fields near Entre-deux-Monts, objects dating back to the early Bronze Age (1500 BC) have been found and more recent burial mounds have been excavated. Traces, more or less important, of Roman occupations are frequently found.

First owned by the Dukes of BURGUNDY (from the 12th to the 16th centuries)

Almost 1000 years ago, in the 12th century, the Duke of BURGUNDY wanted to blockade the Lord of VERGY, whose power was growing. To this end, the Duke surrounded the castle of Vergy with several castles, of which only Entre-deux-Monts still has remains.

From the 13th century onwards, Entre-Deux-Monts was a "barn", i. e. a fortified farm, still belonging to the Dukes of Bourgogne and operated by the monks of the Abbey of Cîteaux who gave its name to the estate.

At the beginning of the 14th century, the Duke sold the estate to Pierre d'ÉPERNAY, his maître d'Hôtel. The CHAUMERGY and MENESSAIRE families will succeed the d'EPERNAY families.

The BARBIER family of ENTRE-DEUX-MONTS (from the 16th to the 19th centuries)

On May 16, 1564, Louis de MENESSAIRE being in a difficult financial situation, probably following the construction of the Renaissance wings, had to sell his seigneury and his castle to Etienne BARBIER, on the condition that he would pay his creditors.

The BARBIER family, which became BARBIER d'ENTREDEUXMONTS, then BARBIER de REULLE will keep Entre-Deux-Monts for nearly 300 years. Supposedly ennobled by Charles VII in 1430, this family is representative of the nobility of dress having held several important offices in the Duchy, including that of Master of Accounts. Entre-Deux-Monts will then be the "Maison aux champs" of this family whose main residence is in Dijon.

From ROCAUT to POSTANSQUE (from the 19th to the 21st centuries)

On April 4, 1856, Louis Adolphe BARBIER de REULLE sold his land and castle to Louis ROCAUT, whose family was originally from Saône-et-Loire and was allied to several local families. The marriage of Georges POSTANSQUE with Andrée PELLETERAT de BORDE, great-grandniece of Louis ROCAUT, made this beautiful property into a house belonging to the same family for over 160 years.